Marianne is a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor, preacher and motivator. She was born into a family of preachers, actors and musicians and has been exposed to the ministry and the running of church all her life. Marianne’s father was a famous playwright and director of church musicals whilst her mother managed the everything behind the scenes. The whole family participated in acting, setting the stage and planning the entire event up to the final moment. Marianne’s training as a stage personality started in her early childhood and continues to this day as a charismatic speaker, teacher and director of dramatized acts.
After marrying Charl Lötter in 1978 they moved to Port Elizabeth where they became members of Pastor Jimmy Crompton’s church, now called Word of Faith Christian Centre.
Pastor Jimmy employed her as a staff member and through her years of service at Word of Faith, she was pastor to the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry. Currently, she is in charge of Family Ministries which includes relationship seminars such as the Pre-marriage, Marriage Weekends and Divorce Care.
Marianne was ordained as a full time pastor in Word of Faith Christian Centre, Port Elizabeth, on 5 February, 1995.
Her teaching career started soon after that under the leadership of Dean Arthur Frost of Word of Faith Bible College. She also lectures at Encounter Weekends, Post Encounter and School of Leader classes. Her teaching abilities have extended to churches in South Africa and the United Kingdom as well as social events, women’s conferences etc. Many large scale events were successfully led by Marianne.
Marianne and her husband oversee their small groups and the groups under them. They are admired as rolemodels for their practical advice and because of their outgoing personalities they are able to disciple and train many young families.
Marianne’s professional and dedicated character has opened many doors as a guest speaker on radio and in the corporate world.
She started an image and style consultancy, Own Your Image, where she helps women and sometimes men dress and behave in the corporate world. This tool has opened doors into areas where the church cannot reach.
Marianne loves the moving of the Holy Spirit and has a clear understanding of the will of God in and for her life.
She has become a guest speaker and conference speaker in churches, and is a great influence because of her ability to speak clearly and effectively.

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